Wedding Photography Cardiff Bay

Wedding Photography Cardiff Bay, in the St Davids Hotel. The area is naturally beautiful with birdlife and plants surrounding the water inlet in the centre of Cardiff. Amy and Tom chose this area specifically as it’s one of their favourite dog walking spots to go to with their gorgeous pup. On this day in late April the weather was superb, absolutely stunning. Warm and windy, calm and sunny, and then in the evening an explosion of golden sun. Amy and Tom have been together for over 10 years, so this day was a really special acknowledgement of their relationship and for the families and friends to come together and party hard! This is their slideshow, their highlights in pictures, of their wonderful wedding day. Photographed by Joseph Hall. Bristol and Cardiff Wedding Photographer.
Wedding Photography Cardiff Bay

All photography by Joseph Hall Bristol Wedding Photographer
Cardiff Wedding Photographer

Music by: Ben Howard, the gorge Kyle Lionheart with ‘Sleep by Rivers’, and the extra cool Lets Twist Again by Chubby Checker!

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Wedding Photography Cardiff Bay
Pics by Bristol wedding photographer Joseph Hall. Joseph Hall produces creative reportage wedding photography throughout the UK, from Bristol to London, Devon to the Midlands and occasionally Destination wedding photography abroad.
Wedding Photography Cardiff Bay

Amy and Tom on one of the best weather days of the year.
Friends and Family and dogs and kids and sun and sea and tears and laughter.





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