Debs and Ian’s wedding, in one of the most gorgeous settings in South West France. Not far from Montréal and (ahem) Condom, in the Congnac region is the beautiful, rambling, rustic and elegant.. Chateau de Malliac Wedding in Montreal France

After countless trips scouting out the area, Debs and Ian discovered an absolute beaut, a stunning estate in the gastronomic heartland of France (or maybe that’s all of France?!). With its maze of rooms, turrets, gardens and fields, a pool and countless beautiful nooks and areas hang out, drink and dine. This was a most magnificent wedding / holiday / party!!!

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Chateau de Malliac Wedding in Montreal France

Wedding in Montreal, Chateau de Malliac, France

All photography by Natural Cinematic Wedding Photographer Joseph Hall

France has become a very special for me and my family over the past few years. My wife has an Aunt and Uncle in the Dordogne region, in fact between the Dordogne and the Lot river amongst rambling fields and woodlands. They are now in their mid to late 80’s and they have lived there for the past 45 years, laying down their roots and creating a very special environment. Since moving out to their rambling ‘farm stead’ they never returned back to the UK. Their busy and thriving business, created within their home, kept them busy for so many years that they almost lost contact with life (a part from family) in England. They managed to transform their garden into an ‘jardins remarquables’, an extremely difficult award to obtain in the area, whilst also creating rooms and lodgings for guests to stay in who would enjoy the Aunts magnificent home cooked food, creating the most fabulous Epicurean Society / French / British inspired meals for all who came. They are now retired, their garden is still as splendid and their cooking still as delicious, however with age you need to slow down. So, a long story short, whenever a wedding opportunity arises for me to shoot in the area I leap at the chance!

Debs and Ian found an area they fell in love with, just South of the Dordogne, near a national park in the rural South West of France. They had been out to visit the area frequently in the run up to the wedding, discovering local businesses to use, places for their guests to stay and making friends with some of the locals. This definitely wasn’t a fly by wedding. This was a considered and thoughtful decision to create one of the most fantastic weekends in a beautiful beautiful setting .

The day really didn’t disappoint (how could it!). The excitement was tangible and the preparations were set. This was an awesome day and so very sweet. Despite the drama with the weather, with forecast risks of heavy thunder storms, the day was clear and warm and glowing. Rain didn’t land until well into the night! I think my photos will tell a better story that I ever could, so I do hope you enjoy.. Debs and Ian in Chateau de Malliac July 2017

Chateau de Malliac Wedding in Montreal France

All photography by Joseph Hall Bristol Wedding Photographer
Destination Wedding Photography Chateau de Malliac Wedding in Montreal France

Chateau de Malliac:

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Photographs by Joseph Hall bristol wedding photographer.
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Destination Wedding Photography Chateau de Malliac Wedding in Montreal France

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