Hariette and Shaun live in farm country, in a beautiful village in Somerset, surrounded by fields and animals in a close knit community of friends and family. On this gorgeous summers day, guests came to celebrate, booze and make merriment(!) with this lush couple. Cider and tractors were involved too.

Huge Congratulations xx

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Kingston Seymour Wedding Photographer Somerset

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Home farm wedding photography in Somerset

Having met Hariette and Shaun and their pup a few months before the wedding, I knew this day was going to be a laugh. I’d never visited their village of Kingston Seymour, Hariette explained that it was a place that you were unlikely to pass through as it’s kind of out in the sticks. It’s super pretty, old village church, local farms, signs outside houses: selling rhubarb, eggs, tickets for bbq fundraisers. There’s even a red postbox library – which I think might be famous..? So after the ceremony in the unbelievably pretty All Saints Kingston Seymour Church Hariette and Shaun flew off in their convertible MG whilst guests moseyed on over to their house where they had set up an enormous marquee in their garden. The tractor, freshly painted and looking minty, took up pride of place as the booze container, as friends and family hung out for the afternoon, quaffing and laughing, before burgers and more merriment. A very special and beautiful day, in a little idyl in Somerset.
A few pictures below for you pleasure! I hope you enjoy:


Kingston Seymour Wedding Photographer Somerset 
Farm DIY Wedding Photographer in Somerset
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Kingston Seymour Wedding Photographer Somerset