Bristol Wedding Photographer Joseph Hall, Presents….

Simply Gorgeousness – Thank You Wedding Postcards

Bristol Wedding Photographer Joseph Hall, Presents….Simply Gorgeousness – Thank You Wedding Postcards!

This year I decided to add a few extra special things to my wedding package. One such (extremely exciting) element, are these super lovely Thank You Postcards. I’ve been creating Thank You Cards with envelopes for a few years now, as additional add ons to the packages, which have been hugely popular. However this year I thought I’d create something new, and came up with these really pretty postcards and what’s more they’re completely free! No extra charge, all part of the straightforward (no sneeky sneeky extra costs) package!

After your wedding and the dust has begun to settle, it’s a great thing to be able to thank all your 100+ guests. But as you can imagine, this can also be a bit of a chore!  These Postcards however are a great way to thank all your friends with an easy flourish of your pen. All you’ve got to do is decide which photo you like best!

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