Wedding Photography Fershop:

Wedding Photography: A Fershop masterclass with Fer Juaristi

Last Saturday I went on a wedding photography fershop with destination photographer Fer Juaristi. His latest Fershop was in Manchester where I met up with a bunch of great and beautiful wedding photographers! Our aim: to squeeze the mind of the creative whizz that is Fer Juaristi. I would definitely recommend hunting down Fer Juaristi, destination photographer extraordinaire, next time he’s back in the UK. If you’re a creative wedding photographer or thinking of getting into creative wedding photography and you’re looking to expand, challenge and push yourself, Fer Juaristi is your man. With his infectious personality and his Mexican knowhow, it was a real privilege to hang out and pick Fer Juaristi’s brain. Featuring the very beautiful Laura and Tobiah- of skillz, I’ve posted a few creative photographs from the shoot below:


With: Fer Juaristi The Mexican Photographical Maestro
Featuring: Tobiahtayo The very Georgious Laura & Tobiah!
At: The Imperial War Museum, Manchester
All photography by Joseph Hall Bristol Wedding Photographer